HOWLROUND, "The Orphan in Me: Generational Trauma in Hyung Seok Jeon’s A Held Posture," May 7, 2018.


Dominick DeGaetano wrote this beautiful reflection on Hyung Seok Jeon's A Held Posture, produced by Underwater New York

BRICK UNDERGROUND, "Some of the Most Interesting Parts of New York City are Underwater," January 12, 2017

Lucy Cohen Blatter interviewed UNY's Nicole Haroutunian and SILENT BEACHES editor Elizabeth Albert. Read the piece here. 

UPSTATER MAGAZINE, "Lost in the Waterways," Winter 2016/17

Susan Piperato wrote an article about Underwater New York, our upstate connections, and SILENT BEACHES, UNTOLD STORIES for Upstater Magazine

WNYC, The Brian Lehrer Show, "New York City's Forgotten Beaches," 9/2/16

Brian Lehrer interviews SILENT BEACHES, UNTOLD STORIES editor and author, Elizabeth Albert, about some of NYC's forgotten waterfronts. Listen here.    

CITYSCAPE,, "Underwater New York," 8/31/16's Cityscape is a weekly program offering "an inside look at the people, places and spirit of New York City and its surroundings, with host George Bodarky." George interviewed Nicki Pombier Berger and Helen Georgas about Underwater New York. Listen here.  

6SQUFT.COM, “Underwater New York Offers Found Objects From NYC Waterways to Spark Imagination and Art,” 7/26/16

Michelle Cohen writes up Underwater New York. Read here.

ATLAS OBSCURA, "A Graphic Guide to All the Weird Things in New York City's Waterways," 7/20/16

Dead Horse Bay is a sloshing soup of forgotten ephemera. Old shoe soles, broken bottles, fractured horse bones from 19th-century rendering factories and landfills are some of the odd objects that momentarily surface before being swallowed back into the tide. To most people, this beach on the outskirts of southern Brooklyn, New York looks like a swamp of garbage, but for writer, curator, and historian Nicki Pombier Berger, Dead Horse Bay is a playground for the imagination. Read the rest here! 

NY PRESS, “Underwater New York Visits Seaport Museum,” 9/27/12

It was hard to imagine a more fitting venue as visitors of the South Street Seaport Museum sat huddled on a recent Thursday evening in a cool, brick-lined room, awaiting Underwater New York’s reading. Read the rest here! The article was also reposted on

NEW YORK TIMES, “Underwater, a Train, a Dinette, and Don’t Forget the Chevy,” 9/17/12

“For us it’s what can you imagine from your own situation, about an imagined life” — the life of an object that ended up sharing space with the fish, Ms. Berger said. Read the rest here!


TIME OUT NEW YORK, “Obscura Day,” 4/17/2012

time out.jpg

BOMBLOG,, “Underwater NY Reading at Poets House August 24, 2011,” 8/31/2011

Underwater NY’s poetry reading on August 24—featuring Matthea Harvey, KC Trommer, Katie Naughton, Danniel Schoonebeek, Allyson Paty, and Cate Marvin—could not have anchored down a better home than at Poets House, a poetry library tucked into the east bank of the Hudson River. Underwater NY is a sort of magical organization, but magical in a dark, unsettling way, their website populated with images of found objects: purses, animal bones, and teapots. And, of course, creepy doll heads. Read the rest here!

HUDSON RIVER STORIES,, “Gull Under Glass,” 8/4/2011

Earlier this year, Brooklyn artist George Boorujy began putting renderings of ocean birds in bottles and setting them adrift in New York’s waterways in an effort to connect with other New Yorkers and gather information on their interactions with the ocean and local marine life. He recently launched one of his bottles from the deck of The Frying Pan, a lightship docked in the Hudson River, as part of an exhibition New York’s P.P.O.W. Gallery held in collaboration with Underwater New York. Watch the video here!

UNCONSUMPTION,, “bottle vox: Bottle Beach,” 6/9/2011

Dead Horse Bay happens to be the place where the found materials for the Significant Objects X Underwater New York team-up were gathered, by remarkable UNY team. Read more here!

POPSUGAR CITY,, “Underwater New York Discovers the City’s Submerged History,” 11/3/2010

No, this is not a ride at Coney Island or a spectacle to behold at Ripley’s Believe It or Not. And the organization isn’t literally submerged in, say, the Hudson River. Inspired by an early 2009 New York Magazine article about what the New York Harbor harbors beneath its surface, three women — Nicki Pombier Berger, Helen Georgas, and Nicole Haroutunian — took New York’s unexplored sunken treasures into their own hands. Read more here!

NEW YORK TIMES,,”City of Water Day Festival,”  7/22/2010

With our views blocked by concrete and metal, it is easy to forget that New York is surrounded by water. Read the rest here!

HUDSON RIVER STORIES,, “Streams of Consciousness,” 7/2/2010

Digital arts journal Underwater New York recently held a reading in Bryant Park devoted to stories inspired by objects found in New York’s waterways. They ranged from the tale of a survivalist family installing a formica dinette in their bunker to that of a peripatetic diplomat regarding a plastic flute. See footage from the event as well as an interview with UNY editor Helen Georgas here!

JEWCY,, “Nicki Pombier Berger, Underwater New York,” 6/7/2010

It used to be said of New York that there were “a million stories in the naked city,” but things change.  New York isn’t the same crazy metropolis it once was.  So where do we go to get great stories from?

Enter Underwater New York: Nicki Pombier Berger and her co-editors Nicole Haroutunian and Helen Georgas.  The trio realized that while the world above ground may have become a little more tame, the stories under New York’s bodies of water are numerous, and Underwater New York are finding new and intreresting ways to tell those stories through different mediums. Read the rest here!

THE BROOKLYN INK,, “Dead Horse Bay, A Living Museum of Trash,” 4/19/2010

At the far southeastern edge of Brooklyn sits Dead Horse Bay. The name is an evocative, and quite literal, one. See the video: “Dead Horse Bay, A Living Museum of Trash” with interviews with UNY editors Nicole Haroutunian and Helen Georgas, here!

FOR THE LOVE OF BROOKLYN,, “Obscura Day at Dead Horse Bay,” 3/29/2010

On March 20th, twenty countries all over the world observed Obscura Day by participating in 80 events all designed to celebrate hidden treasures in their local communities. This day was orchestrated internationally by a group called Atlas Obscura, which seeks to send explorers out into the world to investigate the curious, the oddball, and the truly bizarre. Down the rabbit hole, baby. Read the rest here!

FICTIONAUT,, “Checking In with Underwater New York,” 1/1/2010

I decided because the crew is avant-garde and this interview is running on the 1st of the year, to ask the crew just 1 question.

Q (Nicolle Elizabeth for Fictionaut): What is Underwater New York?