That Sinking Feeling: UNY and TOLD

On Monday, October 18th, UNY invited a new audience to dive into “That Sinking Feeling,” the water-themed 24th installment of the monthly storytelling series TOLD. TOLD was hosted by Seth Lind, produced by Heidi Grumelot and presented by Horse Trade.

The lineup included:

- Ted McAdams, flailing in the deep with only a nemesis to help him

- Steven Berkowitz, riding on a ferry boat to nowhere

- Penny Pollack, navigating tipsy waters a sloshed friend leaves behind

- Boris Timanovsky, making flood-soaked first impressions

And waterlogged interludes curated by UNY including: 

-animation based on Boris's story by John Urquhart: 

 -poetry by Matthea Harvey

-and an original song by Deidre Rodman Struck